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York Studio’s fresh $100 Production Complex in the Bronx

York Studio’s expansion in to the Bronx will bring in an innovative, 350,00 square foot production complex.

A reveling film campus is on its way in the Bronx. The motion picture and television production house, York Studios, bought a 10 acre site worth $100 million in the Soundview area of Bronx.

Going by the name of “Michaelangelo Campus”, the first phase will be costing $45 million and that includes five production stages.

Upon the construction of this new project, the Michaelangelo Campus will be producing commercials, feature films, music videos, television series, and independent films. This also includes production offices, several sound stages, and workshops.

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul said:

“York Studios’ expansion will further establish the South Bronx as a burgeoning hub for film and media”

This project is bringing in immense support that the New York City Industrial Development Industry will supply $36 million for upcoming 25 years. The Michaelangelo Campus is bringing in a large number of jobs as well as $100 million in tax revenue. This project will definitely benefit the Bronx due to the up rise of film and television industry in the borough.

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