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Trump brings in Indian-American hotel owners for latest project

Trump Hotels announces newest hotel venture, American IDEA, based in Missouri. Since Donald Trump’s presidency began, he claimed to have handed over business responsibilities to his sons, Eric and Donald Trump Junior.  American IDEA is aimed at the average knick knack loving southerner with an aesthetic deemed “flea market chic“. Hotel rooms will feature vintage soda bottles, American flags and a cozy bed room layout. As a mid scale hotel, rooms will go for as low as $65 a night. The Trump team plans to franchise the new hotel brand with two hoteliers from Missouri.

Dinesh and Suresh Chawla are two brothers managing 17 hotels in the Missouri Delta. In June of 2017, Trump Hotels contacted the Chawlas about a new upscale hotel and spa, the Scion on the West End. In addition to the Scion, the Chawla brothers will convert three pre-existing hotels into American IDEA hotels.

As two Indian-American immigrants the Chawlas have received criticism for their business deal with Trump. After the travel ban on Muslims and derogatory tweets from the President, it is hard to not think this business deal is a publicity move. However, Sinesh and Duresh say they are liberals and this business deal is just that, business. “If they are using us, people might consider we are using them a little bit too”.

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