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Top 10 Largest Retail Real Estate Markets

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Following up on Wednesday’s Top 10 of Markets for New Retail Product, here’s a ranking of major retail markets according to their current recorded inventory. As before, this list is based on data from CoStar Group and Colliers’ 2013 Retail Outlook (click for the PDF). Here are the 10 Largest Retail Real Estate Markets in the U.S.:

10. Boston, MA (Reported inventory: 87,564,315 SF)

9. Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL (87,575,353)


8. New Jersey – Northern (92,198,983)

7. Phoenix, AZ (104,240,834)

6. Houston, TX (140,973,923)

Dubai’s ‘Deserted Desert Islands’

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A “desert island” is one that is uninhabited by humans.  Usually this is because it hasn’t been discovered yet, the terrain is too tough to develop, or it is simply is too far away from a mainland to realistically support an economy. But what happens when islands that are created nearby a mainland for the sole purpose of development and occupancy by humans goes indefinitely uninhabited?  Perhaps those qualify as ‘deserted desert islands’. And if you want the scenic view of the economic crisis, deserted desert islands might be the place to start.  While Florida might provide you with some (oily) sand, vacant shoreline buildings, and some stalled beachfront developments, it is nothing compared to the picture above. That picture is of “The World,” a cluster of man-made islands off the coast of Dubai.

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