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6 Coveted Student Housing Amenities

With more and more student housing developments and rising prices, students and parents are narrowing down what they actually want in dorms or off-campus housing. Of course, luxury amenities such as a tanning booth, Smart TVs, and fully furnished rooms are a huge plus, but many students can go without. Most students value affordability, social lives, safety, and academia. Based on these aspects, they have determined the top things they desire in their student housing. Let’s take a look at what students want the most out of their living situation.


Being close to dining spots, classes, and other dorm sites is incredibly important to students. Students ideally want to be able to get to campus and their friends on foot in under 15 minutes. They not only want to be able to walk to cool events happening on campus, but they also want to have easy access to the nearest city. Additionally, being in a safe area is important to both students and parents.

Improved Wi-Fi

Sub par Wi-Fi is extremely prevalent in student housing, and it’s a huge problem. The Wi-Fi that most student housing offers is often spotty, and it desperately needs to be improved because it is now more of a necessity than a luxury. With online assignments, social media, and entertainment such as Netflix, students need fast and consistent connectivity and streaming.


Although most, if not all, colleges and universities have fitness centers on campus, students would like to see more gyms in their dorms or off-campus student apartments. When weather conditions are poor, students want to be able to get their fitness in without leaving their building.

Study Areas

Students would also like to have private and shared study areas, both indoors and outdoors. When the weather is nice, students enjoy getting their schoolwork done at picnic tables or on grass, whether it’s alone or with classmates. Plenty of seating is also necessary! Shared study spaces can also serve as a social lounge sometimes, which students crave.

Full Kitchens

Students are required to have meal plans their freshmen year if they live in dorms. However, there’s often a lot of money left over by the end of the school year that they can’t get back. Many students also do not always enjoy the meals served at dining halls; foreign exchange students especially prefer their own cooking than dining hall cuisine. More students would rather have kitchens with plenty of counter space where they can cook their own meals at the price they choose.

More Security

Increased and improved security not only appeases students but also parents! For those who live in urban areas, parents are panicked with the idea of something happening to their child. Increased security also helps improve a school’s reputation, but more importantly, it helps students feel safer. No one wants to walk home in fear, especially at night.


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