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Rose associates name first CEO, President and CEO of the Siemens Group dies, and more in CRE news

Rose associates name first CEO in 90 years

The New York City residential development and management company named Amy Rose as their Chief Executive Officer. Rose Associates has more than $2.4 billion worth of projects in development and manages $15 billion in assets including 14,000 rental units throughout the city according to the NYPost.

Brookfield and Airbnb getting closer to sealing $200 million deal

The joint venture with Brookfield and Niido, the multifamily development partner of home-sharing website Airbnb Inc., will give landlords a cut of the home-sharing action. The funds will buy as many as six apartment complexes in Florida. The tenants would be able to rent out their units through Airbnb for almost half the year — and would share the profits with the landlord according to nreionline.

President and CEO of the Siemens Group dies at 82

Richard  Siemens passed on Sunday according to the Real Deal. The Florida developer founded the Siemens Group in 1964 and led the development of more than 15,000 homes in over 20 communities.

Wholefoods outsells Amazon Brands

Since Wholefoods went live on Amazon’s site it has sold $10 million in snacks, canned foods, and frozen fruits and vegetables. It has become No. 2-selling private-label brand that Amazon offers according to Business Insider.

$130 million sale biggest deal of 2017 in suburban Chicago

New York Life Insurance bought a 24-story apartment tower in downtown Evanston. TH Real Estate sold for a little less than $130 million, or about $459,000 a unit, for the property according to Chicago business.





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