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Notable Retailers That Are Opening New Stores

Many retailers have had their highs and low this past year, especially ones such as JCPenney and Macy’s. Earlier this year, we pointed out retailers who have closed multiple stores due to bankruptcy (RIP RadioShack). With digital and consumer trends changing rapidly, it’s safe to say that nothing good lasts forever. Hate to say it, but many traditional department stores are blatantly failing. The good news though is that not all retailers are disappearing! There are quite a few who have experienced a surge in revenue and are currently in good hands. Discounted stores seem to be super popular because who doesn’t love a good deal? Below are 10 notable retailers that are opening more stores in the near future!

Dollar General

My mother will be thrilled to hear this because Dollar General is one of her favorite spots. Discounted stores have been doing very well recently, and this one saw a 14% increase in sales the most recent quarter. No wonder this company plans to open 1,000 more stores this year! These stores have everything, from toilet paper to trash bags, and from cheese to wine. Everything at these stores are extremely accessible, and more importantly, cheap.


Aldi is not the only successful German grocery retailer. Lidl, another German grocer plans to open about 100 stores in the U.S. this year. Recently, the brand opened several stores in Virginia, and it’s currently expanding in the U.K. Like Aldi, Lidl keeps its prices low and stores small. The U.S. welcomed Lidl earlier this summer, and the brand has been doing well since. Lidl’s goal is to open 600 stores total!

O’Reilly Automotive

Although the auto part industry is not thriving anymore, O’Reilly Auto still plans to open a little less than 200 stores in 2017. Sales increased by 5% in the second quarter, and net income increased by 10%. The retailer seems to remain optimistic since auto parts are essentially a necessity. This company already opened over 100 stores earlier this year, and it plans to hit its goal of 190 by the end of this year.


Recently I was at a Ross in Philadelphia, and I will never buy full-priced hangers again when I can get a 12-pack for $4 at Ross. I’m kissing goodbye to department stores because I can easily find my boyfriends Calvin and Tommy for amazing deals here. This retailer is still going forth with expansion plans by opening nearly 100 stores this year. It plans for 90 brick-and-mortar stores, which shows how discount retailers are really flourishing today. Ross has a huge home/home decor section, clothing, shoes, and basically anything you can think of, so cheers to Ross!


This one was no shocker to me since the beauty industry remains pretty strong—I also stop in at Ulta on a weekly basis if I’m going to be honest. This retailer is slated to open 100 more stores this year. Ulta is doing especially well in online sales, and its stocks and store traffic look great. In addition, the brand has a great loyalty awards program (which I am a proud member of). The stores carry prestige and drug-store brands, as well as its own store brand. This company has nearly 1,000 stores in the country, and I’m sure there will be even more by next year.

TJ Maxx

I cannot emphasize this more, but most, if not all consumers enjoy discount retailers. It’s no surprise that this company is going to open even more stores. TJX, the owner of TJ Maxx and other brands such as Marshalls and Home Goods, has been leading the home goods category recently. TJ Maxx has 65 stores lined up all throughout the U.S., and the company expects to open even more in the next couple of years. This is great news for people like me because there’s nothing I love more than inexpensive shoes and room decor.

Hobby Lobby

This craft supply chain plans to open 60 new stores this year, which will make total stores in the U.S. amount to over 750. Several stores have already opened this summer. Last year, the company welcomed more than 50 stores. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hobby Lobby gets to 1,000 stores in the near future.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods actually surprised me because sporting goods stores often go out of business. Many of its competitors have plummeted and gone bankrupt. However, this retailer is doing the opposite by opening 43 stores. With this, the company is also hiring a lot employees for each store. Dick’s has seen growth in e-commerce and sales, so looks like this one is here to stay.


Let me preface this by stating I do not wear men’s clothes. However, the store display always garners my attention with how beautiful and tailored the clothes are. Many Bonobos stores are actually guideshops, which means you can’t buy any clothing there. Sales associates measure clients for sizes and order the clothes for them during fitting appointments, which makes the stores very customer-centric. Bonobos is huge on e-commerce but is also driving sales in stores, so it’s planning to open at least 20 more physical stores this year. On another note, Walmart recently bought the brand for $310M.


Nordstrom had me in a daze because despite some store closings and other struggles, the company still has high hopes because it has plans to open 17 stores by the end of the year. Many of the stores will be Nordstrom Racks. Some criticize the company for being aggressive, but that hasn’t deterred Nordstrom. In addition, Nordstrom Racks will now feature MAC Cosmetics in stores, which should make many beauty gurus happy and potentially attract more customers.


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