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Natural Grocers names new CFO and Deutsche Bank goes under investigation

Noun. A decent, upright, mature and responsible person.

Noun, slang. An awkward, clumsy, or unlucky person whose endeavors tend to fail. A loser.

Mensch of the Week:

Todd Dissinger

Natural Grocers names Todd Dissinger as their new Chief Financial Officer effective January 1, 2018. The all-natural Colorado-based grocery store founded in 1955 has been growing since going public in 2012.

Dissinger will be replacing Sandra Buffa who plans to retire December 31, 2017. He has always played a large role in the company acting as Vice President, treasurer of Vitamin Cottage Natural Food Markets since 2015. Before that he as senior VP-treasurer, Risk Management and Credit for The Bon-Ton Stores, a department store company.   

Natural Grocers are predominantly in the MidWest with most of their stores in Colorado. They opened eight stores in 2016 in their third quarter. More and more consumers are concerned with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle so their recent expansion is no surprise. Dissinger’s expertise in retail, risk management, and financial forecasting will allow the health food store to continue expanding outside of the MidWest.

Schlemiel of the Week:

Deutsche Bank

Germany’s largest lender is under heavy watch due to its $300 million in deals with President Donald Trump. Deutsche Bank has been criticized for its lack of transparency in regards to the president and his family. Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is not letting anything go unsearched that is why he has issued a subpoena to Deutsche Bank.

Requests for documents come out of fear of Russian involvement in money deals between the president and Deutsche. Democrats are playing a large role in this investigation, specifically California Representative Maxine Waters. Previously, Deutsche Bank had been fined $630 million for failing to prevent $10 billion worth of Russian money laundering but further investigation lost traction. 

Waters does not plan on letting this slide and sent a letter to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in regards to Russia’s unusual involvement the President has with Deutsche.

Behavior between Trump and Deutsche in 2008 is particularly strange because after countersuing Deutsche still kept Trump as a client. In 2008 Trump defaulted on a $40 million loan and countersued the bank. But that did not stop Deutsche from lending to their most ungrateful client. So what’s in it for them? Mueller’s attempt to shed light on the bizarre business affairs is commendable but may need more intensity. Russian anti-corruption campaigner Roman Borisovich says

“I would love for Mueller to subpoena not just documents related to Deutsche-Trump relationship, I would love them to subpoena Deutsche-Russian documents as well” 


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