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6 Delaware River Waterfront Projects in the Works

We’ve mentioned before that Philly is in for some major change in the next few years. The city raised a lot of money, $225 million to be exact, to reshape Penn’s Landing. Now, Philly is really focused on revamping the Delaware River Waterfront, adding cool attractions to appeal to not only Philadelphia residents but also future tourists! There are a lot of exciting and refined projects in the works, but here are 6 significant ones that are coming in the next couple of years to our fantastic city.

Cherry Street Pier

  • Developer/Designer: D3 Developers
  • Expected Completion Date: Summer 2018

Currently known as Pier-9, this area will be transformed into a community space with a new name—Cherry Street Pier. That’s a much cuter name than Pier-9. This $4 million project will include office space, an open-air garden, food vendors, pop-up shops, and more. With summer coming to an end, this project is definitely something to look forward to next summer!

Redesign of Festival Pier

The Festival Pier at Spring Garden is in for a makeover hopefully within the next two years. This renovation is costing $8 million to make all the improvements. So far, this site will include 30,000 square feet of retail and 550 residential units. This site sounds like a great spot to hang out and shop in the summer.

PECO Delaware Station

  • Developer/Designer: Joe Volpe & Bart Blatstein
  • Expected Completion Date: TBA

The historic PECO station is another project in the works. Volpe and Blatstein purchased the building for $3 million back in 2015. They plan to use the 223,000 square feet for boutique hotels and ballrooms. In addition, they have visions of restaurants and event space.

Greenway Plan

This plan has been in the works since 2005, and we’re getting closer to it finally becoming a reality. The Greenway Plan consists of 11 miles of industrial land that will transform into trails. These connecting trails in the Philadelphia area will stretch from Port Richmond to Torresdale. This project will help solve some of the environmental issues in this area, as well as creating even more of a community.

The Views at Penn Treaty

  • Developer/Designer: Gotham Bedrock, LLC
  • Expected Completion Date: Winter 2017

Penn Treaty Park is basically my backyard, and soon there will be a bunch of town homes in it. Recently, New York developers bought the site for $7 million and plan to build a 19 four-story townhouse development. Each townhouse will include an elevator, garage, and a roof deck. Construction started very quickly, so we should see the new project sooner than we think!

Bridesburg Park

Philadelphia is known for its wide range of parks, and another one is in the works. Bridesburg Park will be an 8-acre site that includes things that many Philly parks lack, such as meadows, a rain garden, and a boardwalk! In addition, there will be a picnic pavilion and an event plaza. Residents wanted a quiet space, as well as plenty of space to view the Delaware River. There will also be a stage, so this park could be the next venue for local artists.




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