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Four ways the CRE industry is improving customer experience through tech

The commercial real estate sector is working to provide consumers with a more customized experience through tech. As companies like Hilton’s Conrad brand work to differentiate themselves from competitors, they’re looking to tech to up their customer service game. Four tech companies, in particular, are shaking up the customer service market.


LISNR is a startup Rodney Williams co-founded that sends data over audio via ultrasonic inaudible technology. The new technology aims to replace QR codes as a method of sending data. Both methods send information without any contact between the sender and the receiver. Understanding a customer’s needs is crucial to a person enjoying their stay. Returning hotel guests expect employees to remember their stay habits but this is nearly impossible. That is where LISNR comes in. With LISNR hotels can fulfill the guest requests without them even asking.

SAS & Cisco

As opposed to using stationary furniture like speakers to track guest movement, Cisco tracks guest via their wifi-enabled devices. Now when a guest returns the desk attendant will be able to ask them if they would like to take the same 10:00 am yoga class and be seated at the same table in the restaurant.


Eavesdropping, we’ve all done it. Sprinklr, the 7-year-old social media management company listens in via multiple social channels to offer guests a more customized experience. It allows its users to monitor their postings on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see what is working and what is not. McDonald’s and NASDAQ are two of the startups biggest clients paying several million a year for its services.


VSBLTY allows brands to track age, race, and gender of shoppers via facial recognition. Marketing becomes more accurate when companies use factual data for demographics and not estimated data. Drink fridges in stores are getting more elaborate with digital visual displays and now some use VSBLTY. Typically the doors will begin showing videos when it detects someone in front of it and then records their appearance.

What do all these companies have in common? Well, other than missing their vowels they all use tech to enhance customer experience. Tech is on the rise and hotels and brands that are not getting on the bandwagon are going to get left behind.

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