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Curacity adds AFAR Media while Blue Apron lays off hundreds

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Mensch of the Week:

Curacity adds AFAR Media to its publishers

Curacity, a content and data-driven marketplace, recently added AFAR Media to its list of publishers. In short, Curacity allows hotels to measure the success of their editorial publishing.

When users visit the site of a hotel that data is saved. Curacity then receives names of hotel patrons and looks for the same names. If there is a correlation between editorials read and hotel rooms booked, then hotels know they are reaching their audience. Publishers and Curacity then make a commission on anything that is turned into a successful booking within a 12-month window.

“We are excited to take the lead in harnessing and measuring the demand publishers create for luxury hotels, which we’re confident will force a new conversation between hotels and OTAs as to where demand originates and what entity deserves the financial credit,” commented Mike Keriakos, Co-Founder and CEO of Curacity.

Joe Diaz, Co-Founder and CPO of AFAR Media, knows that their editorial pieces influence traveler’s decisions. Curacity will allow for a more curated travel experience with hotel suggestions that best fit the traveler’s needs. In a prepared statement, Diaz commented:

“We know we guide our audience’s travel decisions; Curacity provides a much-needed solution to help us become more knowledgeable about how AFAR’s award-winning editorial content leads to bottom of the funnel revenue.”

AFAR’s website features a “Recommended Hotels” section that it hopes to improve with the help of Curacity. In 2009 AFAR published their first print magazine which has grown to become one of the top travel magazines. AFAR magazine is one of many outlets for the multi-platform company.

Readers will also be able to book their trip directly off the site. This added convenience is changing the travel experience from start to finish. Adding AFAR Media to their publishing network will increase Curacity’s reach to nearly 10 million users.


Blue Apron lays off hundreds

Blue Apron was forced to lay off 6% of employees after just announcing going public in June.  Food delivery is on the rise with accessible food courier services and meal kits, but Blue Apron is still struggling. Shares fell 29.2% in July and then another 23% in August. 

New companies typically file for IPO to boost capital. However, this does not always go as planned. For Blue Apron, they did not get the expected outcome and were forced to cut hundreds of employees. CEO Mark Salzberg stresses “Our leadership and Board did not take this decision lightly”.

The price point of Blue Apron is too high for customers to stick around. Many first time users hold onto their recipes and then recreate dishes at a lower cost.

Employees are not Blue Apron’s only loss as of late. The meal-kit service lost $31.6 million in their second quarter.

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