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5 Suitable Cities to Join Amazon HQ2 Bid

As some of you may have heard, Amazon plans to open a second headquarters in the U.S! The company will invest $5 million to build the office, and it will allow up to 50,000 new jobs. Amazon’s HQ is currently in Seattle, so where will the next one be? That’s the catch—there is no location yet. The company is accepting proposals until mid-October, so cities are intensely competing against one another to win this economic prize. About 50 cities are competing, but below are some in the running that might have a shot at winning.

Philadelphia, PA

Home to education, business, and great food, Philly has made a pitch to snatch the spot of Amazon’s new headquarters. Students at Penn’s Wharton School of Business students are working on a pitch that focuses on University City, the Navy Yard, and Schuylkill Yard. Not much information is known yet, but the proposal most likely includes employee housing and locations for Amazon’s business partners. Philly is a small-huge-city that’s easily accessible and a great spot for innovation and growth.

Chicago, IL

Known for “The Bean,” deep-dish pizza, and other cultural attractions, Chicago is a great fit for a second HQ. It’s a growing, accessible city that has a plethora of college grads ready to make money—which is perfect since Amazon is looking for 50,000 employees. Chicago also has lower rent compared to other metro cities, which makes it more of an attractive location. With a well-rounded and diverse crowd, this city is definitely well-suited for Amazon!

Dallas, TX

Dallas joins this list with multiple pitches to Amazon! However, the one we want to highlight is right outside of downtown Dallas, Oak Cliff, a former dairy farm. This area has over 50 acres of space that is great for a large office. Oak Cliff is a growing area for real estate development that has been rapidly developing new urban developments, such as restaurants, retail, and public spaces. Winning this competition would give Dallas so much economic growth and even more urbanization.

New York City, NY

One of the Homes to technology and innovation, NYC comes as no surprise on this list. The city has submitted 23 pitches to Amazon that represents different neighborhoods and a total of 50 sites! If any of the 23 pitches wins Amazon’s heart, then the Big Apple will continue its economically satisfied reputation.

Suffolk Downs, MA

Suffolk Downs might be a place you’ve never heard of, but it’s a city that has a lot of potential. Right outside of Boston, Suffolk Downs is working on a bid for this competition. There’s a strong, diverse work force in the Boston metro area that makes Suffolk Downs well-suited for the HQ. Because Suffolk Downs is between two transit stops and close to the Logan International Airport, it fits the requirements Amazon is seeking. If this city wins, then it plans on adding mixed-use spaces and public spaces.

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