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Brooklyn gets new affordable housing community center

Brooklyn will be getting a new 247 unit multipurpose living community named Chestnut Commons. Mutual Housing Association of New York (MHANY), Urban Builders Collaborative and the Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation has been chosen to build the mixed-use property. Chestnut Commons will offer its tenants much more than a place to reside. Along with the 247 units, the building will feature a community college, performing arts center, a food manufacturing incubator, and a social services center. Chestnut Commons will act as an all-encompassing living center to help better the lives of residents.

Of Chestnut Commons, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams commented in a prepared statement:

“This kind of multi-purpose community-driven approach to local development is exactly the kind of model we should be replicating across the borough.”

Underused lots and abandoned buildings are often renovated and used for affordable housing because it is cost effective. Chestnut Commons will be constructed on an underused lot in between Chestnut Street and Atlantic Avenue. Affordability ranges from those earning $51,540 to as low as $25,770.

An influx of the wealthy has caused made affordable housing nearly non-existent. The housing that does exist is in high demand and it is impossible for everyone to receive housing. Because of this, 60,484 people sleep in shelters every night.

Mayor de Blasio’s affordable housing plan is slated to build 200,000 affordable housing units by 2024. The key to this plan is that housing will remain regulated. 77,651 units have been financed as of July 2017.

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