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What’s In Store for Self-Storage

self storage facility

I was recently trolling Inside Self Storage‘s message boards, because that’s how I roll, and I came upon a conversation among several operators comparing notes on the effect of student populations on university-area self-storage facilities. Particularly of interest was the…

Repercussions of a REIT Data Breach


Identity theft is an unfortunate by-product of our increasingly interconnected and digital financial world. Perhaps you’ve been a victim of identity theft yourself. I have: I once read my debit card’s billing statement and discovered a series of retail transactions in the…

Commercial Real Estate Week in Review


Week in Review for December 7-13: Blackstone-controlled Hilton Worldwide Holdings (NYSE:HLT), the world’s largest hotel group, completes its highly anticipated IPO. Hilton raises $2.35 billion, reports ABCNews, which makes this public offering the largest of its kind. As the CRE…