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Top 10 Niche/Multiuse Property Types for Development in 2015

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We previously looked at the Top Niche/Multiuse Assets for Investment… now we’re taking a look at the development side. From the Urban Land Institute/PwC-published report Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2015–available here as a pdf (p62)–here are developers’ Top 10 Niche/Multiuse…

What’s In Store for Self-Storage

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I was recently trolling Inside Self Storage‘s message boards, because that’s how I roll, and I came upon a conversation among several operators comparing notes on the effect of student populations on university-area self-storage facilities. Particularly of interest was the…

Repercussions of a REIT Data Breach


Identity theft is an unfortunate by-product of our increasingly interconnected and digital financial world. Perhaps you’ve been a victim of identity theft yourself. I have: I once read my debit card’s billing statement and discovered a series of retail transactions in the…

Top 10 Self-Storage Operators in the U.S.


A few years ago we published a ranking of the Top Self Storage Companies of 2011. It’s time to revisit this subject for today’s top 10 list. Based on an article published by Inside Self-Storage, with companies ranked according to…

Commercial Real Estate Week in Review


Week in Review for December 7-13: Blackstone-controlled Hilton Worldwide Holdings (NYSE:HLT), the world’s largest hotel group, completes its highly anticipated IPO. Hilton raises $2.35 billion, reports ABCNews, which makes this public offering the largest of its kind. As the CRE…

Investing in Boxes Is Still Paying Off

Why do cats love to curl up in boxes? Every time I leave an empty box on the floor, my cat is inside it within minutes. If the box is too small, she’ll still try her best. (If no boxes…

The Llenrock Poll

The results are in for the final Llenrock Poll of 2012! The winner shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone… See our previous polls here.