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Top 10 Most Expensive Retail Buyouts


Hot Topic Price: $625.5M Sycamore Partners purchased Hot Topic at $14 per share in cash that totaled over $600 million. Financial advisory was backed by Guggenheim Securities for Hot Topic and BofA Merill Lynch advised Sycamore Partners. The specialty realtor sells…

Millennial Motive & Commercial Real Estate Trends


I hate generalizations about entire generations of people, especially coming from someone outside of that group. In fact, I hate generalizations in general. However, I will say that we, Millennials, are quite an interesting, diverse and powerful group to study: 25% of…

Commercial Real Estate Week-in-Review


Week-in-Review for February 13th – 19th United Development Plunges as FBI Raids Firm’s Texas Offices: After reports that the FBI raided the Texas offices of The Grapevine, a company which invests in residential real estate and property loans, the REIT’s…

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