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The Llenrock Poll

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  Well, there’s certainly very little demand for new product, but it seems there are still some opportunities out there, at least in very active commercial districts. Be sure to check out our next Executive Interview on Thursday, featuring office…

Commercial Real Estate Videos of the Week

cnbc soilbuild reit

Soilbuild Business Space ( SGX: SV3U), an office/industrial REIT trading on the Singapore Stock Exchange, falls 6% short of its fundraising goal in its IPO. Shane Hagan of SB REIT Management attributes this underperformance to the U.S. Federal Reserve’s hints…

The Llenrock Poll

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The good news is that the office sector is finally starting to recover. Still, we’re in a very different real estate market than we were before the Recession.

The Mensch & Schlemiel of the Week

Mensch: Noun, informal. A decent, upright, mature and responsible person. Schlemiel: Noun, slang. An awkward, clumsy, or unlucky person whose endeavors tend to fail; a loser.  Mensch of the Week:   CrowdMason A couple weeks ago, in one of our Week…