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Llenrock Poll Results

1 29 16

Be sure to take our new poll (right side of the blog) and tell us what you think is the biggest challenge the CRE industry is currently facing!

Llenrock Poll

9 27 13

Strangely, a similar poll on Commercial Property Executive shows very different results.

The Llenrock Poll

8 30 13

Despite the hefty price tag, there is still a lot of opportunity in the multifamily sector. The only question is location.

The Llenrock Poll

Considering how public officials usually fare when it comes to public opinion, it looks like Bernanke has done pretty well. See our previous polls here.

The Llenrock Poll

The results are in! There’s a clear consensus that single-family rentals are a promising strategy for large investors–but  our readers have much less optimism for private home-buyers. See our previous polls here.