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Farmland: Bubble or Boom?


Today we have another great guest post from our friends at IRR on Real Estate. Here are IRR’s Bradford Knipe and Dan Shively, discussing agricultural land values and recent speculation that farmland is America’s next real estate “bubble.”

Special Guest Post from IRR on Real Estate

Today we’re excited to feature our first guest post from our friends at Integra Realty Resources! From their IRR on Real Estate blog, here is IRR Managing Director Jim Andrews to discuss the complex, ever-changing world of real estate valuation. Many…

Top 10 Best-Performing Property Types of 2012

From Integra Realty Resources‘ 2013 Viewpoint report, here’s a list of the Top 10 Best-Performing Property Types of 2012, ranked according to average transaction cap rate: 10. CBD Lodging (2012 average cap rate: 8.58%)   9. Flex Industrial (8.30) 8. Suburban…