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Commercial Real Estate Week in Review


Week in Review for February 7-13: RadioShack Goes Bust, Sprint Moves in for the Kill: Venerable small-footprint electronics retailer RadioShack announces its bankruptcy and the potential closure of up to 2,600 of its locations. Meanwhile, wireless provider Sprint pursues an…

The Mensch & Schlemiel of the Week

lee bird at home

Mensch: Noun. A decent, upright, mature and responsible person. Schlemiel:  Noun, slang. An awkward, clumsy, or unlucky person whose endeavors tend to fail. A loser. Mensch of the Week: Lee Bird, At Home Every industry faces a downturn at one point…

Affordable Oil: the Winners and Losers


In the business world, there are very few black-and-white issues.Sure, there are plenty of overzealous bloggers and TV pundits who will quickly reduce the world into the simplest possible terms, explaining away the world’s gray areas in the simplest sound…