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REITs & Social Media

social media and the reit sector

I don’t consider myself an expert on social media. I don’t use enough buzzwords (“omnichannel”, “social capital,” etc.) to be an expert. Still, as you know, I work in the field, and am constantly considering ways in which I can…

Crustaceans & Capital

red lobster private equity

In the past week, one of the biggest stories from the business world has been the massive restaurant sale okay’d by Orlando-based restaurant operator Darden Restaurants (NYSE: DRI). In case you’ve been living in a shell at the bottom of…

Are You Brand Aware?

brand image llenrock

Let’s talk about brands. Specifically, how does branding relate to the commercial real estate world? Back in March, an article on Entrepreneur.com ranked the Top 120 Most Trusted Brands, based on feedback from its readers. The results were a combination of…