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Lessons from Mr. Buffett


Warren Buffet recently released his annual letter to shareholders. While many commentators have focused on his assertions that “our market economy will continue to work its magic” and that “America’s best days lie ahead,” the Oracle of Omaha also spoke of two…

Gauging Risk in a Changing Climate


As I’ve pointed out plenty of times here on the Llenrock Blog, real estate investment–whether commercial or residential–requires a big picture perspective. The performance and value of any property is determined by a great number of economic, cultural, political, and…

Meet the Neighbors


I talk a lot about the United States’ most active and high-profile CRE markets. New York City, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco have all gotten a lot of attention for their frequent deals, new developments, and economic and population growth.…

Second Thoughts on the BRIC Markets


Last year, we ran a Top 10 list exploring the world’s top “booming” CRE markets, as selected by CNBC. Each market was ranked according to five-year price growth. Not surprisingly, China came in at number one–with five-year growth of 110.9%…

Gridlock and the Modern Developer


Americans and Europeans have very different relationships to space, at least when it comes to community planning and building design. One reason for this is simply the fact that, in America, space is plentiful. In Europe, not so much. Maybe…

Farmland: Bubble or Boom?


Today we have another great guest post from our friends at IRR on Real Estate. Here are IRR’s Bradford Knipe and Dan Shively, discussing agricultural land values and recent speculation that farmland is America’s next real estate “bubble.”

The Top 6 Multifamily Properties in the World

Today’s ranking features the Six “Best” Apartment Buildings in the World, as selected by Since all of these properties are well beyond most people’s financial means, looks like I’ll be playing the part of Robin Leach… One Hyde Park, London says,…