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Best Pet Friendly Boutique Hotels in the U.S.

Originally published by the Independent Lodging Congress!

Hotels are now treating pets as family members and valued guests who also need amenities. Today, we’re giving you an updated list of some of our favorite pet friendly boutique hotels. Haven’t you heard that pet-friendly accommodations are the new MUST have when traveling?

Duane Street Hotel

Where: Tribeca, New York City

New York City has several pet-friendly hotels, but do they all offer personalized dog bowls and embroidered beds? Probably not. Duane Street Hotel goes above and beyond to treat guests’ dogs as its own family members. It also offers dog treats in the lobby when you first check in, which makes pets and owners quite happy.

The Envoy Hotel

Where: Boston, Mass.

How many restaurants in the city allows you to eat with your dogs? Honestly, not many. At the Envoy Hotel, you can bring your pups to several restaurants, walk along the harbor, hang out on the rooftop bars, and more. This hotel treats not only all guests but also all pets with excellent customer service.

Hotel Van Zandt

Where: Austin, Texas

In Austin, you can stay at Kimpton’s Hotel Van Zandt, where you can bring your furry friends—no charge! There’s also no limit of how many pets you can bring. The hotel supplies plush pet beds, food bowls, mats, and courtesy bags. Guests can do yoga, swim in the rooftop pool, and listen to live music along with their pets.

The Miami Beach EDITION

Where: Miami Beach, Fl.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, you can relax at the beach resort and spa with your pet. There’s even a pet spa nearby. he hotel offers a Matador room and bar, a tiki-inspired restaurant, and a market. The EDITION ensures that you and your pet is comfortable, and it even offers a special dog bed for your pup.

ACE Hotel

Where: Palm Springs, Fl. and other locations

This ACE Hotel features a dog park that offers pooper-scoopers and water, and guests are allowed to bring their pets to the pool and dining areas. The hotel allows dogs under 25 lbs, but apparently this requirement is pretty flexible. It even offers homemade doggy biscuits at its diners!

XV Beacon 

Where: Boston, Mass

Not only does the luxurious XV Beacon have homemade dog biscuits, but the hotel provides plush beds for pups of any size. The hotel also has dog sitting and walking services for those who want to go out on the town sans-pooch. Sure, there’s a $25 pet donation (fee), but absolutely 100% of the donation goes to charitable pet organizations in your dog’s name!

Urban Cowboy

Where: Nashville and Brooklyn

Whether you’re traveling to happening Brooklyn, NY or bluesy Nashville, Urban Cowboy has space for your pup. The rustic hipster vibes at the Brooklyn location even comes with a mascot: Maddie the Coonhound.

High Line Hotel

Where: New York City

If you were at ILC 2015 or 2016, you definitely remember the dog-filled lobby of the High Line Hotel. The 60-room hotel is more than happy to set guests up with a dog walking and sitting service and allow the pups in all areas of the hotel.

El Cosmico

Where: Marfa, Texas

At El Cosmico (a beloved Bunkhouse hotel founded by rock star Liz Lambert), there’s a Mananifesto. That is that the 21 acre hotel-campground hybrid serves as an escape from the urgency that haunts us each day. Whether it’s a Mongolian yurt or a vintage trailer, all pets are welcome. If you’re gonna live like a nomad, might as well do it with your best friend.

Hotel del Coronado

Where: Coronado, CA

Hotel del Coronado is a pet-friendly ocean-front getaway for both human and dog. Every Sunday, the hotel hosts it’s 4-5pm “Yappy Hour” where owners can drink Hair of the Dog or a tangy Greyhound. Don’t worry, pups are given complimentary Evian and organic dog treats (alcohol free). The hotel doesn’t discriminate, either. It supplies kitty scratch pads and litter box for feline friends, too! Did we mention there’s a Dog Beach less than a mile from the property?

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