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Amenities: What’s Working, What Isn’t, & What Tenants Want

Co-working spaces, pet amenities, bars, you name it—many residential and office spaces have these amenities. There are so many residential trends that tenants love and ask for… And then there are some that they rarely use. Although an ice-cream bar and volleyball court are appreciated, many tenants would prefer other amenities. Here’s some insight on what they would actually like instead.

Amenities That Are a No-Go

It’s all over the web: fancy new restaurants coming to certain apartment complexes. That’s exciting and all, but who has the time and money to sit and eat an expensive meal? Dining options are often limited in residential spaces. There’s either an unhealthy option or an over-priced one.

Another feature that doesn’t seem too popular among the crowd is sports courts. Although having a tennis court or volleyball court is nice in theory, many tenant don’t set foot on them. These are not a must-have for tenants and honestly are often just wasted space.

Conference rooms—great idea for many who work in business! However, most of the conference rooms in residential areas come with booking fees. Who wants to pay that?! Why spend money to have a conference room for an hour when they can go elsewhere to hold meetings or work for free? If a conference room is an amenity, there should not be an extra charge for the tenants. Sadly, conference rooms often go unused.

Amenities That Don’t Go to Waste

People love summer and the sun, and with that comes water. And with water comes with pools and rooftop amenities. People typically tend to favor water features. Having a pool in your apartment is great, but what is even better is when it’s outdoors on the roof. Many tenants take advantage of this awesome feature. Tenants are happy when they can freely take a beer up to the rooftop pool and can lay out.

Free Wi-Fi is a no brainer. This is much needed, and not just for those in the workforce. We live in a digital age and are obsessed with the Internet. If the Wi-Fi is free and fast, then everyone is happy.

Although not all tenants take advantage of a gym, having one in the building is definitely appreciated. Although many can work out during their breaks at work, it is incredibly nice to have a fitness center downstairs that is available to use at any time.

Tenants also appreciate and utilize work-from-home spaces. When there is plenty of seating and desks available, people will take advantage of them and use them as a mini-office space. In a way, this space is like a co-working space but without the actual label or fees associated with it.

Desired Amenities

Tenants typically live busy lives and are on the go. They don’t want a fancy Italian restaurant or buffet. What they need is an affordable cafe with an eclectic menu. In addition, there needs to be a sufficient number of people on staff. Affordable dining options are somewhat hard to find in residential spaces, but that’s what tenants need. Quick, healthy, and hot food that’s not going to break the bank.

Another amenity tenants would like to see are postal services, such as a UPS drop-off box. Having amenities in a residential space is partly about convenience, and let’s face it—who isn’t busy? People don’t want to have to spend their breaks at work running errands. Having a pick up or drop off box right in your home would be incredibly convenient!

Something simple that tenants request is common area seating, but in hallways. Of course most waiting areas have seating, but it would also be nice to have lounge chairs in open spaces of hallways to hang out and do work. Surprisingly, not enough apartments and offices have something this simple.

Although many tenants are lucky to have luxurious amenities, some of the things they request are quite simple. They find that a lot of amenities are wasted space, and that space could be utilized as efficient working spaces, more seating, postal services, and other types of stations.


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